Collage Collide (2014-2015)

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COLLAGE COLLIDE utilizes saturated multi-layer video projection and live performance to create a world of accumulation where site and self double and time splits like an atom. Technicolor pasts layer on pulping flesh creating an immersive field for dreams and the lucid. Multiplicity, duration, landscape, soundscape and actions sharpen and bleed between the material and the ephemeral.

Created by Stephanie Acosta w/ Jessie Young Video Score by Bob Garrett

Young/Acosta pull from their shared movement vocabularies and histories creating a audience-of-1 performances from dawn to dusk.  Capturing these shared creations Acosta then morphs these moving moments with her own memory of the events, creating a blended archive capable of being evironment.  Folding over yet again we create a new work to perform along with and in reaction and response with our now twice over world.  At once adding to our vocabularies for future collission, and working with site, and the ways in which our place-ness comes with but only in pieces. 

Multitudes of short cinematic experiments are restrung for performances pointing to the continued evolving nature of these compilations and the artists' collaboration. 

[Images : Collage Collide (2014-5) Vid Stills ; Collage Collide (2014) Short Vid, Dur. 5m; ©Stephanie Acosta 2015]

[Images : Collage Collide (2014) Performance Photos from audience + neighbors, a Chicago alley. ©Stephanie Acosta 2015]