Every Horizon Looks Like Cuba To Me | WRITING GROUP

Every Horizon Looks Like Cuba To Me is a performance, archive and installation. Created throughout the duration of the evenings events a carousel slide-projector shines stock images of ocean bound horizons. As each image is temporarily illuminated Acosta attempts to trace the elusive horizon before the horizon shifts to the next slide. As each slide arrives the projector shifts to new area, each line leading to the next, slowly encircling the gallery and it’s visitors in an infinite false horizon. Every Horizon Looks Like Cuba To Me is a meditation on the abstraction of homeland when born in exile. Raised in Miami Florida Acosta explores the sense of loss and dissociation that comes from belonging to a place you have never been.

Presented as part of Joshua Kent’s On the impossibility of a singular hand at Roman Susan in Chicago, IL


Writing Group | June 8, 2014 | 7 PM

An evening of performances and installations by members of Writing Group, a bi-weekly meeting of women artists who write.

Members include Stephanie Acosta, Nina Barnett, Rebecca Beachy, Marissa Lee Benedict, Dasha Filippova, Laurel Foglia, Kasia Houlihan, Alyssa Moxley, Dao Nguyen, Hannah Verrill, and Anne Yoder.

Writing Group was a practice based collective of writers and performance makers focused on an interdisciplinary approach to critique and parallel creating. Active from 2013-2014 in Chicago, IL

We were invited to share an evening at Roman Susan by artist Joshua Kent focused on the ephemerality of our collective works.