Good Day God Damn,  Video Still  2017, Stephanie Acosta

Good Day God Damn, Video Still 2017, Stephanie Acosta

Traveling through the fractured American landscape, looming vibrations push the ground up and the cosmos down as our community-turned-cabal explores terror, tectonic shifts, psychedelic self-harm, and toxic monuments. Through the lens of a thriller our cell flows through domestic borders, mingles with the extraterrestrial and unpacks landlocked limitations through discursive research and rigorous ensemble development.  


Good Day God Damn - In Progress Showing 

Museum of Art and Design | March 24, 2018 | 7p 

This live event will include two GDGD ensemble members live, along with artist Stephanie Acosta and others in absentia.  Shifting theatre to installation site, Good Day God Damn incorporates video, sound, and live work to explore the first in a multi-installment series engaging movement research and experimental film structures to tear through the personal in the terrain.  [Dur. 35-40m]


Performing Live Angie Pittman + Leslie Cuyjet  

with Stephanie Acosta 

Video + Performance developed with Mimi Gabriel + Jessie Young

Sound + Lights - Dan Foley


Images by Heidi Bohnenkamp





Good Day God Damn - Extracted Excerpt

Pies and Performance | Crown Heights, Brooklyn | 8p

[Dur.  15 min]

Performers/Collaborators:  Performing Live Mimi Gabriel + Jessie Young 

with Stephanie Acosta

Video + Performance developed with Angie Pittman + Leslie Cuyjet





Images by Intrinsic Grey Productions (James Tate, Vid Stills)