I Am A Potted Palm 

I Am A Potted Palm is a 2 part performance event, an accidental collection, part of an evolving series of performance and video works for the series Is This What You Wanted, confrontin issues of self tokenizing and the sanctity of sincerity in identity work.

Performed as part of IN>TIME 16 Performance Festival CHICAGO

I Am A Potted Palm (in two parts)

February 6th at Regards - A durational meditation on the limpieza espiritual, or spiritual cleansing, engaging elements of the hybrid spiritual practices and creating a microclimate amidst Slant, a sound installation by Ethan Rose. This durational action will continue with the artist delivering each palm in a trek to Defibrillator gallery.    

February 8th at Defibrillator - An evening length performance amongst the palms, including moving image, objects, actions, light oceans, and fuchsia skies.