Fleeting Components is a series of 4 micro-documentaries created by Stephanie Acosta following the 4 part series GRIDS, a year long series presented by Radius.

Fleeting Components attempts to encapsulate the material and censorial worlds created and supported by alternative radio and sound explorers.  Using the GRIDS series as a container, we look in on the layers of making and that ensues when we make work for a moment of presence, for the air, for the waves, for the doing.


Created with the generous cooperation by these mad makers.

Jeff Kolar (Radius Co-Founder)

Meredith Kooi (Radius Co-Founder)

Radio Aktiv

Ethan Rose

Kristen Roos

Amanda Gutiérrez


And supported by

Mana Contemporary Chicago

Radius Space + Propeller Fund

Smart Museum of Art

Watch all the episodes on our Vimeo Channel Fleeting Components!


CHICAGO - A Sneak Peek SCREENING of the upcoming series July 7, 2015, 7pm, at The Nightingale Cinema, including limited edition publication release and a celebration of all things Radius. 

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