Falling Things (2013)

Falling Things, an ensemble performance evolving out of Unintended Structure research, or perhaps as part of that research, Acosta invites a ensemble of dancers and performance makers into the movement studio to explore themes of iteration, repetition, reflection, ripples, translation and place through the gesture of falling, through the reality of impact. 

[Image : Falling Things (2013) Puebla, Mexico; Featuring Sam Allen, Anna Kladzyk, Karen Faith, Nadine Lollino, and Jessie Young; Music by Rory Murphy] 

Unintended Structures (2013)

Unintended Structures asks what happens when impact is unseen but not removed.  

A multi-part installation including projection, cement object artifacts, and archival printed large scale stills on paper.

As the flicker of projection comes from the gallery corner, cement covered spheres fall in columns with no end. Stepping over the detritus of impacts unseen, the raining gray gives sporadic momentary way to colorful bursts of resilience illuminating the rubble beneath.  

On flanking walls split screen images of black and white figures loom behind draping veils of velum, bodies on their way, Impossible Gestures, captures of what is to come. 

[Images: Unintended Structures Video Stills ; Impossible Gestures #3, #13, #72 featureing Murat Adash, Stephen Kwok, and Hannah Verril]