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November 08, 2018

This SATURDAY, this SEASON and the BEYOND from Acosta Studios

by Stephanie Acosta

Hi all! Connections, reinforcing, constructing, restoring, repairing, the work feels endless, and it is, the stuff of living with accountability, with engagement, with open eyes and arms and hearts, is HARD WORK and it is also WORTH IT.  Let's keep on keeping together.  

In love, revolution and solidarity, Stephanie 

Workshop | Stephanie Acosta: Empathetic Landscape + Cosmic Bodies - Using imagined interiors in movement practice.

Saturday 2-4p | Recess 46 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY | FREE + presented as part of "Camilo Godoy: Out of Control" 
Register FREE on Eventbrite or Facebook 

In the workshop we'll translate ideas thru multiple systems, including sensory + moving meditations, writing, and vocal engagement, testing and embodying specific approaches utilized in my score building. Thinking about how to engage interior curiosity, articulate the abstract and in the process engage in philosophical considerations of body, life and place-ness. The workshop is based on our rehearsal practice, and the current research project Good Day God Damn
All body types + experience levels are W E L C O M E! 


 This electric evening includes live music, rituals, short film screening, along with a work-in-progress showing of The Judiths of Virtuous Dissent, a performance developed by Nessa Norich + her ensemble of interdisciplinary artists. Channeling the fullness of our grief, anger + love into a prismatic vision of a heroine who vanquished the forces of violence with the force of feeling. 


I am excited to be supporting the work of a dear one, and to be spending time supporting Well of Wills and these fierce femmes who are tackling the darkness with More Light! 

Candle Lighting + Performance | 7:30p
Celebration + Short Film screening + Live Art | 9p

Tickets are LIMITED so grab yours HERE 
RSVP- Facebook  #thejudithproject



Can you believe it's the FINAL SUNDAY SERVICE of the SEASON?! Season 4 has been another inspired and surprising series with curators Pamela Liou, Julia Stanoli, and Zavé Martohardojo each bringing entirely new and beautiful ways to entangle our worlds, expand out listening, and shake out our feels. My gratitude abounds. 

THIS month brings us my brother in crime Miguel Gutierrez presenting four humans to embrace and engage ancestry,examing how we hold, tether, pull and make space for the past in our future as well as how the future might carry the past.
Featuring Bryanna Bradley, Camilo Godoy, Evelyn Sanchez Narvaez, + Xtian W. 

December 9th | 7pm
Knockdown Center
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As always F R E E + as always Sunday Service is programmed by myself + the illustrious Alexis Wilkinson.  

And don't fret we will be back with news on Season 5 shortly, so stay tuned, year three is gonna be a blow-out! 

R E C E N T L Y 

Recently wrapped up a 10 day mini-residency at the Chocolate Factory, curated by Blaze Ferrer and generously hosted by all. Returning to our research we were able to more deeply develop and share this continuous expression and search for sanity. Joined once again by the graces of Leslie CuyjetAngie PittmanJessie Young, and Miriam Gabriel, with tech support from long time collaborator Rory Murphy, we were able to continue our writing, filming and movement development we hope to have a larger sharing of final works including a publication, new scripted and abstract video experiments and a final evening length journey through this landscape. Stay tuned!

Oh right, and just a little bleed in from my other life to tell you that I got to create a 7 screen video installation for the 30th anniversary tour for The Pixies which has been a real fun and strange and surprising experience. Highlighting the aesthetics of their vast ouvoir and expanding on interviews with Art Director Vaughan Oliver, I have enjoyed every minute of working with these long time loves, and can't wait to catch it live in Brooklyn next week! You should TOO! THE FUCKING PIXIES!  

L A S T L Y 

I have begun work on a new series that is not altogether new because few things are, but perhaps a return to some gnawing internal questions on autobiography, messy morphing identities and those who bare witness to our decay.  I hope to tell you more soon but for now, please know that I am out here working and thinking for and of you, and I am here if you need me, if I can be, and when I can't, I'll be in the studio. 

See you in the streets and stages and all the in between! 




Sunday, June 21, 7 pm, $15
The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL

CHICAGO - The Nightingale is delighted to introduce FOLLOW FOCUS- a new process-oriented screening series that rallies audiences and resources behind a moving image maker as they complete a feature project. Designed to expand viewership into the production stage, FOLLOW FOCUS invites audiences to observe a director’s process, collaborations, and inspiration. Our inaugural featured project is THE LADIES ALMANACK written and directed by Chicago-based filmmaker, Daviel Shy and produced by NYC-based performer, Stephanie Acosta.

THE LADIES ALMANACK is a feature-­length experimental narrative film shot on Super 8 and based on the novel of the same title by Djuna Barnes. The film is a kaleidoscopic tribute to women’s writing through the friendships, jealousies, flirtations and publishing woes of authors and artists in 1920’s Paris.

The Nightingale will host 4 screenings by the series’ completion, each one in a different season and  highlighting a different element of the process ending with a rough cut screening in Fall of 2015. The production of a commissioned art object will also raise funds for the film.  Admission price  at each of the four screenings includes part of a limited edition, risograph-printed Ladies Almanack Tarot Deck designed and illustrated by Jess LeMaster. Attend all four screenings for a complete 24-card set.

The Summer Screening will include outtakes and dailies from the production’s recent shoot in Paris. Several members of the cast and crew will be on hand to provide lively, running commentary on the footage as it screens.

Brie Roland as Natalie Clifford Barney
Josefin Granqvist as Djuna Barnes
Slaveya Minkova as Dolly Wilde
Brenna Kail as Mina Loy
Natacha Stolz as Colette
Jackie Wang as Lucie Delarue Madrus
Erin Jackson as Thelma Wood
Magalie Guérin as Berthe Cleyrergue

To support the THE LADIES ALMANACK right away, check out the movie’s website. Donations are tax-deductible.