Fleeting Components , Radius + The Nightingale

CHICAGO - Join Radius for the release of the Radius GRIDS Book and premiere of FLEETING COMPONENTS, a film by Stephanie Acosta.

July 7, 2015 at 7:00 PM, $7-10 
The Nightingale (1084 N. MIlwaukee)

Radius GRIDS was a four-part, year-long series of mobile radio broadcasts in Chicago that examined energy production, distribution, and consumption. The new GRIDS Book features on-site photographs and artist interviews with Antye GreieBrett A. BloomBonnie Fortune, Mari Keski-Korsu, Ethan RoseKristen Roos, and Amanda Gutierrez. FLEETING COMPONENTS documents the GRIDS series through interviews, behind the scenes, and more. http://theradius.us/grids

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Sunday, June 21, 7 pm, $15
The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL

CHICAGO - The Nightingale is delighted to introduce FOLLOW FOCUS- a new process-oriented screening series that rallies audiences and resources behind a moving image maker as they complete a feature project. Designed to expand viewership into the production stage, FOLLOW FOCUS invites audiences to observe a director’s process, collaborations, and inspiration. Our inaugural featured project is THE LADIES ALMANACK written and directed by Chicago-based filmmaker, Daviel Shy and produced by NYC-based performer, Stephanie Acosta.

THE LADIES ALMANACK is a feature-­length experimental narrative film shot on Super 8 and based on the novel of the same title by Djuna Barnes. The film is a kaleidoscopic tribute to women’s writing through the friendships, jealousies, flirtations and publishing woes of authors and artists in 1920’s Paris.

The Nightingale will host 4 screenings by the series’ completion, each one in a different season and  highlighting a different element of the process ending with a rough cut screening in Fall of 2015. The production of a commissioned art object will also raise funds for the film.  Admission price  at each of the four screenings includes part of a limited edition, risograph-printed Ladies Almanack Tarot Deck designed and illustrated by Jess LeMaster. Attend all four screenings for a complete 24-card set.

The Summer Screening will include outtakes and dailies from the production’s recent shoot in Paris. Several members of the cast and crew will be on hand to provide lively, running commentary on the footage as it screens.

Brie Roland as Natalie Clifford Barney
Josefin Granqvist as Djuna Barnes
Slaveya Minkova as Dolly Wilde
Brenna Kail as Mina Loy
Natacha Stolz as Colette
Jackie Wang as Lucie Delarue Madrus
Erin Jackson as Thelma Wood
Magalie Guérin as Berthe Cleyrergue

To support the THE LADIES ALMANACK right away, check out the movie’s website. Donations are tax-deductible.


JUST FOR YOU!!! Supporting No Budget Film + The Ladies Almanack

The Ladies Almanack is the first feature film based on a novel by the rebellious and brilliant Djuna Barnes.  Still in production, this massive no-budget project takes on the voices of women into an ecstatic plane inhabited by a mulit-generational cast brings the poetics of the past into the collage of the present.  As producer and art director I have been working with director Daviel Shy since the projects inception, from recording our iconic narrators like Hélèn Cixous and Eilleen Myles, to location scouting in our sister films sister cities Paris and Chicago, cutting teasers, writing grants and hosting fundraising + reading events along the way.  And now we are headed your way New York!

J U S T    F O R     Y O U!!!

To entice you I have a limited offer for donations made before Feb 25th who contact us with a confirmation number from donation will be eligible to receive:

  • $100 will receive an artwork  by me in the form of a limited edition publication, original short video or art object, mail art. (10 available)
  • $200 will receive an ART PACKET from me including an art created FOR YOU as well as a surprise piece from a participating artist from the film or myself. (10 available)
  • $500 will receive an original work created FOR YOU BY ME in the form of performance or film/video/installation piece. (NY/CHI/PARIS ONLY for LIVE - All other locations can be streaming or performance for video only) (5 available)
  • $1000 will receive an original multisensory performance work created FOR YOU BY ME and up to 3 friends, 4 total. (NY/CHI ONLY) (5 available)
  • $1500 will receive an original multisensory performance work created FOR YOU BY ME and up to 7 friends, 8 total. (NY/CHI ONLY) (5 available)
  • $2000 will receive an original multisensory performance work created FOR YOU BY ME  for an audience of your choosing + a select couple of limited edition publications/object works/videos. (3 available)

And you can DONATE HERE  (tax-deductible thanks to Filmmakers Alliance) to help support this cast and crew, we even have a list of other ways to CONTRIBUTE!

We even have our own custom tarot deck, being created by the brilliant Jessica LeMaster, for sale HERE!

That's ME as in my cameo role as Mercedes d'Acosta, aka the SUN! You can see my profile and all our contributors HERE with a new one every Tuesday! 

The Ladies Almanack - As a multidisciplinary artist the question of "What is it you DO?" comes up a lot, there's a lot of questions about primary disciplines, focuses, desire for narrowing is common.  I on the other hand, though sorry for the confusion, feel that my process has finally found it's proper place at the center of many intersecting lines.  The Ladies Almanack found me at the intersections of cinema, historical fictions, feminist theory, collage, poetry, and Paris. 

A Celebrtion of Djuna Barnes + The Ladies Almanack Film - Feb 20th NYC

A Celebration of Djuna Barnes: writer, artist, malcontent.

A benefit for The Ladies Almanack, the first feature-film based on a novel by Djuna Barnes.
featuring readings by the incomparable 

Deborah Bright , Mairead Case  , Barbara Hammer , and Jackie Wang

Join us for an evening of Barnsian texts, titillating silent auction, and an introduction to the kaleidoscopic whole of The Ladies Almanack film.

FRI - February 20th | 6:30-8:30pm 

$25/$15 with valid student ID

26 Wooster Street
New York, New York 10013

Tickets include bar and entry to the current museum exhibition, Irreverent: A Celebration of Censorship. 
And now we are headed to New York!

ATOM-r +

When Atom-r approached me about helping to produce and support their work I was excited for many reasons. Firstly, I was already a big fan of research based performance work, it is where I began and where I repeatedly return, and with an ensemble of artists I already know, had worked with or was hoping to work with I could not refuse.  That this wonderful group would then give us the chance to become their videographers, archivists, capturers, was just the icing on the cake…and well…MADONNA giving our video a shout out didn't hurt much either.  

 If you aren't in Chicago or York for the US or UK premieres do not fret, tour info coming soon, and for now, heres our latest video. 

Video by: James Tate, Chicago (2014)

For more  ATOM-r