Podcast | State of the Arts - talking DanceNYC 2019 Symposium

Listen to Remi Harris and I fall in love with Savona over dance and NYC’s wonders HERE or click below for our “lively” lovely chat! Talkin’ Dance/NYC Symposium 2019

More from the grand Savona Bailey-McClain’s State of the Arts NYC HERE

State of the Arts NYC is a weekly radio show where various sectors of NYC’s arts worlds converge to report and analyze the dynamic state of the arts and its participants. Hosted by Savona Bailey-McClain, long-time Executive Director of the West Harlem Art Fund (WHAF), she confronts, analyzes and celebrates victories, challenges and changes in the country’s dynamic creative capital. Reports from the field; from the far-flung fringes; from center stage and from behind the scenes—the host Savona Bailey-McClain draws on her 20 years’ in the trenches to bring you snapshot after snapshot in living color. State of the Arts NYC can be heard on iTunes, Radio Public, Youtube, Mixcloud and BRIC Radio.

And check her other magical works HERE or read an inspired interview with Savona HERE!